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  Aloha kakou,
 Welcome to this site which is still under construction and growing.  In an effort to create and maintain a perpetually self supported site, the links to the right are links to original compositions of unreleased recordings of Jon O. and Stevie B. for sale. The proceeds will not only help maintain this site, it will also fund for more recordings and eventually an entire album.  Please support this endeavor that helps strengthen our culture and Hawaiian communities through composition and music.

  The music industry is a constantly changing landscape here in the islands. The picture above represents the simplicity of what is buried underneath the complex and challenging way of life for today's musician. It's also a disappearing landscape giving way the natural beauty to cement and asphalt. Even constructed beauty such as golf courses and soccer parks pale in comparison to the Hawaiian splendor of yesterday.  In our compositions we tell stories of our natural lives and how we live.  Like our landscape, the simple way  of life is slowly disappearing but remembered through our songs. Kulia i ka nu'u!